Offbeat things to do in London absolutely free.

London is everyone’s favourite city and tourists flock to see its stunning architecture, world class galleries and museums and fascinating historical monuments, not to mention its great variety of pubs, restaurants, theatres and buzzing nightlife. But if you’ve ‘been there and done that’ and are looking for something more off beat, we’ve searched the web and suggest you try the following, from a BBC Travel list.

If you’re a bit of a cinema buff, visit the British Film Institute's Mediatheque. Hidden away under Waterloo Bridge, the institute’s fun Mediatheque offers the chance to browse their DTV/film archives and watch for free. There are also four ticket-paying cinemas if there’s something that takes your fancy.

Visit the Serpentine Gallery (pictured). Located in leafy Kensington Gardens the fabulously light gallery, designed like a 1930s-style, large-windowed tearoom, is a wonderful spot to view one of London's most important contemporary art collections, containing works by Damien Hirst and Jeff Koons. From May to October a new ‘Summer Pavilion’ is opened nearby, hosting open-air cinema and readings.

If you’re looking for somewhere cultural to take a break and refuel, try the café at the Photographers'Gallery (www.photonet.org.uk) in the West End. Opening in 2008 to house a truly impressive contemporary photo collection, the gallery has now expanded onto two-floors, so enjoy a wander after your 'latte'.

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