Offbeat accommodation in Holland.

The Capsule Hotel, in reality a fleet of pods, gives new meaning to the expression ‘a get-away break’. Coloured bright-orange for easy visibility, these '70s escape pods once hung outside oil rigs, ready to be used in case of an evacuation. Denis Oudendijk, who happily calls himself a ‘garbage architect’, has recycled the pods as capsule hotel rooms which now rotate among different moorings, reports Budget Travel. At least one is usually found in The Hague. A similar pod appeared in the James Bond film,’The Spy Who Loved Me’, so if you fancy a Bond experience, check www.capsulehotel.info or call 011-31/641-76-55-60 for more details. Rates range from 50–150 euros but you'll have to wait until spring as the pods close for the winter.

Another Dutch recycled accommodation extravaganza is to be found in the grounds of the Hotel De Vrouwe Van Stavoren. When they were owned by a Swiss château, four enormous casks in the grounds held the equivalent of 19,333 bottles of wine. Now the richly worn and airtight oak barrels have been creatively recycled to hold two narrow beds, with a small sitting area outside. The grounds are quite close to tiny Stavoren's harbor, which was a major port in the Middle Ages. If you’re looking for a wacky place to unwind, call 011-31/51-46-81-202 or visit hotel-vrouwevanstavoren.nl.

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