Off the track in Cornwall.

There’s nothing new about suggesting Cornwall as an ideal holiday destination. Stunning scenery, picturesque beaches, cream teas and laid back locals have long attracted tourists, not to mention a royal prince or two. But there are still places to go where you can escape the crowds.

One of these is the Roseland Peninsula, a remote spit of land between the Fal Estuary and the Veryan Bay, which is only accessible by ferry or by a 20-mile cross-country drive from Truro, reports BBC Travel. Even in mid-summer you can wander for miles without seeing more than a handful of people and have some of the beaches virtually to yourself. So if you’re looking to get away from it all, this is the place.

The largest beach in the area is Pendower/Carne (pictured), which forms one long beach at low tide. The best swimming is at the Carne, or easterly, end, which has fine sand and paddling pools for children when the tide’s out. There’s also a hotel, the Nare Hotel, here which is open to non-residents, where you can enjoy a drink overlooking the sea. Hike out to the 19th-century lighthouse at St Anthony’s Head for a fabulous view of Falmouth Harbour and the cliffs of the Lizard beyond. Visit wwwstmawesholidays.co.uk for further information.

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