Off to Roscoff.

If you fancy a short hop across the Channel, why not head for Roscoff, on the Brittany coast? Easily accessible by ferry from Plymouth with Brittany Ferries, this granite-built port was once home to some of the corsairs who plundered English shipping, reports the Daily Telegraph, and some of the 16th and 17th century houses built on their spoils can still be seen today.

Make for the old harbour where you can see the traditional fishing boats that still sail for their catch, take a look at the fine old merchant houses and be sure to visit the Croas-Batz church: its Renaissance clock tower is considered to be a masterpiece.

And don’t miss the Maison des Johnnies. Roscoff is home to the Onion Johnnies, the Breton farmers who used to cycle around Britain selling their onions door to door. If you go in August why not attend the Onion festival which takes place from the 19th to the 21st?

Roscoff is an atmospheric port to visit but it’s also well worth taking a 15 minute ferry ride to the Ile de Batz, arguably one of Brittany’s finest islands. Check out Batz village and the George Delaselle subtropical gardens and simply stroll around and enjoy its sandy beaches. The island is only 2 miles long so you’re unlikely to get lost!

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