Oberlech, Austria; a ski destination where you’re likely to see the rich and famous.

With the ski season in full swing and endless destinations to choose from, how about trying one of Austria’s main resorts for the rich and famous this year? We’ve chosen the mountain village of Oberlech in the Alberg Massif, recommended by the Daily Telegraph, as a ski destination par excellence.

Oberlech gets its name as it lies on a hillside above the chic ski resort of Lech, which boasts royalty, sports stars and film producers amongst its famous visitors. But apart from the pricey up-market hotels, there are also plenty of family-run hotels and guesthouses on offer. Try one of the most popular hotels in the area, the ski-in ski-out Hotel Goldener Berg (goldenerberg.at), run by the local Pfefferkorn family since 1965. Double rooms start at around £185.

A great thing about Oberlech is that cars are actually banned from the village in the winter season, one of the few places in Europe to do so, so be prepared to live on skis. The village is ideally located for accessing a 160-mile network of ski runs of mixed ability levels, and at a height of nearly 6,000ft snow is virtually guaranteed between November and May.

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