Not Another New Year’s Eve

If that lot doesn’t appeal to you, then you really need to check your family tree and make sure that you really are a Brit, because how could you not love yet another New Year’s Eve of bad beer, puke and walking home in the cold?

Once you’ve established that you in fact are not English and thus have a smattering of civilisation and culture left in your bloodstream then head down to Brighton on the 21st of December for The Burning of the Clocks.

You may have assumed that free-living crusties long ago burned all the timepieces so everyone could stay up late without guilt and watch that guy who used to be in the Housemartins play records on the beach. But apparently, this is not the case, hence the need for this annual ceremony, which marks the winter solstice with a lantern parade. These lanterns then make up a huge pyre on the beach which burns until the sun comes up, bringing with it the start of a new solar year.

The pagan festivities begin on North Street to Madeira Drive, on Monday the 21 – the real New Year. Check out burningtheclocks.co.uk for more details.

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