Fly with Norwegian Air: Cheap Flights to New York from Gatwick

In the biggest news to hit the flight industry for many a year, Norwegian Air will offer cheap flights to New York from Gatwick starting at a mouth watering £149. There is expected to be huge demand for these tickets initially so lets take a look at plans for the route in full.

Too Good to Be True?

First things first, how exactly is it possible that Norwegian Air can offer cheap flights to New York from Gatwick at this low price in the current economic climate?

The short answer to that question can be answered with one word - Dreamliner. This aircraft offers airlines fuel savings on an unprecedented scale so Norwegian Air are planning to pass these savings on to passengers in a bid to grow their customer base.

Norwegian Air have placed an order with Boeing for 8 Dreamliner aircrafts to help them enter the transatlantic route in as competitive a manner as possible. Flights will commece in the summer of 2014 from London Gatwick to New York with later destinations such as Florida for £179 and Los Angeles at £199 coming on stream at a later date.

The longer answer, however, is a little bit more complicated. Initially, there will be 3 flights to New York from Gatwick airport operating on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. What exactly will flying for £149 be like and will it be a Ryanair-esque experience? Well, will it be exactly like flying with Ryanair? Yes and no.

Yes, it will in the sense that a £149 ticket will suit a traveller that packs light and does not care about getting a meal for the duration of the flight. No, in the sense that these Norwegian routes will include seats that recline for full comfort and you will get to experience the Norwegian Air seatback entertainment system free of charge.

Enhancing Your Long Haul Flight

However, if you are a traveller that needs to bring extra baggage and would like a meal then you can easily do so fro a reasonable fee. You have the option of purchasing Norwegian Air cheap flights to New York from Gatwick at £149 and then purchasing an add on package for £30 which will include in-flight meals, checked baggage up to 23kg and the chance to choose your seat. Visit www.norwegian.com today for the latest information and prices or follow all UK news on Twitter at twitter.com/NorwegianairUK.

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