Norway’s Sin City Parties through the Spring

On Norway’s party island the only thing you have to watch out for is tripping over the semi-naked Japanese who come here to conceive under the aurora borealis! They believe that doing so gives their offspring the best possible start - bloody perverts!

You on the other hand may just be happy to don your ski boots and party dress and hit the weekly festival that Tromsø puts on to get itself through the long dark nights. Down at Driv, a three tier bar on the docks, you might encounter a debate, a poker game or a hands-in-the-air rave all in the same evening. After which you’ll need a reindeer steak at the unpronounceable Sjømatrestauranten Arctandria, Skarven, or for the veggie minded you could always do the lentil shuffle at Sivertsens Café. Just follow the gaunt looking tree-huggers down into the basement of Rådstua theatre house.

Banish any notion you have of an Ibiza on ice from your mind, though, and replace it with a vigorous pub/club scene that revolves around the festival of the week.

This is a city of culture vultures disposed to welcoming intelligent clubbers. Uber cool at its coolest. Every second individual seems to be involved with music and all are insanely proud of local electronic heroes Röyksopp. Snow boots teamed with cute dresses, colourful scarves and warm coats are de rigueur.

There are no direct connections between Ireland and Tromsø but Norwegian.com flies direct from London Gatwick to Tromsø on Tuesdays and Saturdays.

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