Northline ferries (Northlink ferries): passenger information

Northline ferries (Northlink ferries) connect Scotland, Orkney and Shetland islands, and have ports in Aberdeen, Scrabster, Stromness, Kirkwall and Lerwick. They have three passenger vessels: MVHamnavoe, MV Hjaltland and MV Hrossey, and two freight vessels: MV Hildasay and MV Helliar.

The Hjaltland and Hossey are the two larger ships. They both travel 24 knots, both have 117 cabins, both have space for 140 cars and they can carry up to six hundred passengers. The Hamnavoe is the smallest of the three. It can carry six hundred passengers, travel at 19 knots, has 12 cabins and can hold 95 cars.

There is plenty to do on board, with shops, cinemas, bars, restaurants and internet access. There is also much to keep the kids entertained, with play areas and game machines.

Bicycles and children aged between 0 and 4 travel free. There is a 10% discount for senior citizens, disabled passengers and people in full time education. They also offer 30% discount to family and friends of people that travel on their service. To bring a car on board can cost between £46.10 and £127.90 depending on route and peak times. For an adult passenger, fares range between £14.60 to £27.30 - again depending on route and peak times.

Fares are a little higher during peak season (July and August) and a little lower during low season (November to March). Animals are not allowed in public areas or cabins, but there are kennel facilities available. If travelling with pets, Northlink recommend that you bring a blanket or basket for them to sleep on and a bowl for food and water.

You can download their fares and timetables from their website at northlinkferries.co.uk.

If you require a brochure, you can download one online or arrange to have it posted. Their website contains 2011 fares, 2011 timetables, information on the ferry service and information on Orkney and Shetland.

Passengers aged 16 and over must have identification with them to travel on Northline ferries.

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