Great northern lights holidays in Scotland!

The Aurora Borealis, otherwise known as the Northern Lights are a naturally occuring phenomenon.  The night sky is lit up with dancing red, green, blue and yeallow arcs of light, all dancing in the northern night.  We give you some information on where to head for amazing northern lights holidays in Scotland.

It is not that well known that you can view the northern lights in Scotland but the very north of this stunning country lies along the same latitude as Lapland, Alaska and Moscow which also get to experience this wondrous event.  The great thing about viewing them in Scotland is that you don't have to take a long haul flight that will cost a lot of money.

Winter time is the ideal time to see the lights and if you visit anytime between mid-September and mid-March then you will have a good chance of catching the lights.  The clearer the night sky the better so keep an eye on the weather for the clearest weather.  There are a few locations that viewing is best and this adds some flexibility to where you will take your holiday.  Aberdeen, John 'O Groats, the Isle of Skye and Dunnet Head all provide magical views on a clear night.

You can book holiday accomodation at winterbreaksscotland.co.uk once you have decided which location will suit you best.  Choose from log cabins, self-catering cottages and beautiful lodges to tailor the holiday that will most suit you.  A northern lights holidays in Scotland will live long in the memory so make sure you make it to Scotland this winter.

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