Looking for northern and central Dalmatia holidays with a beach waterfront?

With miles of windswept beaches, romantic coves and peaceful inlets, the Dalmatian coast in Croatia is one of the world's hidden gems. Whether you want a beach holidays or a romantic hideaway in a remote Lighthouse accessible only by the sea, this part of the world has something for everyone. And with tonnes of historic towns and cities such as Dubrovnik and Zadar close by, you'll never get bored. Here's a look at some of the top Northern and Central Dalmatia holidays with a beach waterfront available.

Casamundo offers some excellent self-catering villas to rent in Dalmatia for affordable prices. The quiet Rogoznica is a peaceful summer rental perched on rocks right by the sea. Hear the sound of the waves lapping against the coast while you enjoy breakfast on the outdoor terrace, go for an afternoon swim in the shallow bay, or just explore the remote countryside nearby. This two bedroomed rental villa can be had from as little as £502 per week.

Elsewhere, Casamundo also have a spacious holiday cottage to rent on the island of Pasman. This small property has a private dock for boat trips, a large outdoor garden right by the sea, as well as easy access to the rocky beaches of the island. Prices for this rental start from around £553 per week based on two adults sharing, though up to 4 can stay in the two bedroomed property at any given time.

If you are after something truly stunning, then why not rent your own private lighthouse? Adriagate offer the exceptional St. Ivan lighthouse for as little as £17 per person per night based on four people sharing. This property is situated on its own private island half an hour from the mainland and can offer its own personal beach.

There really are so many northern and central Dalmatia holidays with a beach waterfront available. The hard part may be picking between the properties available. There really are more than 101 Dalmatian villas on offer.

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