Norfolkline Ferries from the UK

UK Passenger Routes

Norfolkline operates four separate routes from the UK to other European destinations.

These routes include Dover to Dunquerque, Liverpool to Belfast, Newcastle to Amsterdam and Harwich to Esbjerg.

The popular journey across the English Channel from Dover to Dunquerque takes approximately two hours, while the intra-UK journey between Belfast and Liverpool lasts roughly eight hours.

Passengers travelling from Newcastle to Amsterdam and Harwich to Esbjerg must book overnight accommodation on their ferries given the lengthy crossing times of 17 and 19 hours respectively.

Passengers on Norfolkline ferries from the UK have the choice of travelling either on foot or booking in a vehicle along with them. One of the main reasons to travel by Norfolkline ferry rather than fly between destinations is the ability to transport your car with you.

Mainland European Passenger Routes

Norfolkline, under the control of DFDS Seaways, also operates a further four ferries between mainland European ports, with Norfolkline routes including Copenhagen to Oslo, Klaipeda to Karlshamn, Klaipeda to Kiel and Klaipeda to Sassnitz.

Freight Routes

Norfolkline operates nine freight routes, including UK crossings between Liverpool and Belfast, Liverpool and Dublin, Belfast and Heysham and Dublin and Heysham.

Booking with Norfolkline

Short distance passenger journeys with Norfolkline can be booked directly online through the DFDS website or other travel agent websites.

The longer Newcastle to Amsterdam and Harwich to Esbjerg routes can no longer be booked directly online, however, but passengers can fill in an online form and await contact from Norfolkline.

Customers looking to book with Norfolkline can find fares either through the official website at Norfolkline.com or by visiting ferry fare comparison websites such as Ferrysavers.com, Travelsupermarket.com and Ferrypricesearch.co.uk.


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