Great Deals with Norfolkline Ferries

Norfolkline is one of the leading ferry companies with regular ferry connections between France and other countries and the UK. With prices varying throughout the year and special offers frequently appearing on their website, you may well be lucky enough to grab a bargain for your next holiday abroad.

Norfolkline ferries only offers one particular route, but it also happens to be one of the most popular and best value; Dover to Dunkerque. At norfolkline.com, you can learn more about their special offers and book the ticket online to take advantage of any web-exclusive deals.

With some of the best value ferry tickets available, prices for a one-way trip cost upwards of £19. This includes the price of a standard sized car with four passengers. There are various ticket types available including standard return tickets, return daytrip tickets and open return tickets for those who want to enjoy maximum flexibility on their trip abroad.

Other countries which Norfolkline ferries run to include Newcastle to Amsterdam, Harwich to Esbjerg and Liverpool to Belfast. There are also various other international routes which are operating by the parent company of Norfolkline, DFDS Seaways. All of these routes are available at the website and it is possible to book ferries which originate and end outside of the UK as well. Longer distance ferries provide a choice of accommodation options with longer routes such as Newcastle to Amsterdam starting at £122 for a cabin, car and two people return. Prices tend to be lower after the early Autumn months.

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