Norfolk – not to be forgotten

Not surprisingly, for Norfolk, It was wool money that erected all the magnificent churches across the region. Knapton Church (SS Peter and Paul), is a small, unpretentious church on a country lane. The trick is to enter looking down, take a few steps in and look up, past the plain white walls, to the roof where three tiers of angels hover with spread wings. Like a flight of birds descending on you, jostling and singing.

And with the wool came the money. Overstrand was named Poppyland by a London journalist in 1883 and became a resort for the rich. That's gone now. The vast 19th-century Sea Marge Hotel was built by a German banker who was deported during the first world war. It serves good meals, has a mock medieval hall and, best of all, steps from the lawn down to the beach. From Overstrand you can walk to Cromer along the cliff path haunted by the demonic dog, Black Shuck, prototype for the Hound of the Baskervilles! Overstrand.

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