How to Enjoy No Single Room Supplement Holidays

For many tourists, no single room supplement holidays are like gold dust: beautiful to imagine, but one that stays within the realms of fiction. Thankfully, however, these holidays are truly available. You just have to be patient when searching for them online.

The Truth about Single Room Supplement

Also known as 'single room surcharge', this type of extra cost is charged to a single person if he or she is using a room or availing of any travel package that is meant for double occupancy or the use of two persons.

Most hotels, resorts, cruise ships and the likes say that single-room supplements are their only way of avoiding financial loss and recoup expenses spent on maintenance, utilities and the likes. Unfortunately, this would cause you to pay at least 10% of or – in some cases – the entire rate that is meant for double occupancy.

Accommodations on a Per Person Basis

One way of avoiding single-room surcharges is by looking for accommodations that charge guests purely on a per person basis. This is obviously not ideal if you are travelling in a group, but is just perfect for solo travellers like you. One great place to visit for packages of this type is holidays-direct.co.uk.

The website offers a selection of the safest accommodations for solo travellers as well as phone customer support every step of the way. The company may also be entrusted to take care of all your travel documentation and insurance needs.

Stranger-Sharing Options

If none of the accommodations that charge per person are to your liking, how do you feel about stranger-sharing options? At archersdirect.co.uk, the management offers no single room supplement holidays by providing you a travelling companion to share a room with.

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