No Planes, Just Trains & Automobiles – Stranded tourists get themselves home

What do you do when an unexpected cloud of Icelandic volcanic ash scuppers your travel plans and your dream holiday gets extended? Well, first of all, you might just smile, shrug your shoulders and then head back to the hotel bar and order up the biggest drink you can find on the menu that comes with its own miniature umbrella, secretly glad that you won’t be trudging back to work as early as you thought. However, there is the phenomenon of having too much of a good thing. Now that the delays have stretched to a few days with no definite end in sight, stranded tourists are finding themselves without accommodation and are desperately trying to plot a course home that doesn’t involve air travel.

The motorways of Europe are awash with hastily rented cars with British drivers at the wheel, clocking up thousands of kilometres in a bid to hop aboard the atypically full ferries doing double duty across the channel. Those who do make it will be so relieved, they’ll be no doubt paying tribute to Lionel Richie as they start 'Dancing on the Sealink'.

Question service 63336 has been bombarded with text requests from lost tourists trying to find the best way to navigate Europe’s rail networks, toll roads, autobahns and mountain roads as plucky Brits take matters and right-hand drive steering wheels into their own hands.

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