Top Nissan Juke personal lease deals

Interested in the top Nissan Juke personal lease deals? The Nissan Juke offers a refreshinG alternative to the standard family hatchback. Complete with stylish retro looks, a powerful engine range and a well equipped interior, these possessions make the Nissan Juke one of the most sought after vehicles of 2011.

There are many website's in which you can find top personal lease deals on the Nissan Juke. If you too fancy being behind the wheel of a fabulous Nissan Juke these are the tiny figures you're looking at. The Juke 1.6 Visia is available from only £154.95 + VAT per month whilst the more up range Juke 1.6 Acenta is available from only £159.95 + VAT a month.

But wait! There's more!

If the mid-range Acenta does not match your leasing needs be assured that the Juke also comes in a more top of the range model. It comes in the shape of the 1.6 Teckna.

Leasing rates on the Teckna start from a mere £189.95 + VAT per month. The Teckna comes with Bluetooth, cruise control, sat nav, rear parking camera sensors and 17’’ alloy wheels as standard.

Whichever Juke you choose for leasing you are sure to be driving in complete elegance. These trendy cross overs offer up a comfortable and spacious drive, so when it comes to leasing a car make sure to choose the spell-binding Nissan Juke.

These are just a couple of websites we have provided for you; www.carleasingmadesimple.com, http://www.financeacar.co.uk

We hope these website's can assist you on your pursuit to leasing your very own Nissan Juke.

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