Nile cruises in 2011 all inclusive - top cruises

Nile cruises 2011 all inclusive

Nile cruises provide a unique way to see the local area and get some history about the river. The following are some of the top companies offering Nile cruises in 2011 all inclusive.

Co-operative Travel

Co-operative Travel is one of the largest Nile cruise specialists in the UK. They provide 5 star luxury 7 night Nile cruises from just £629 per person sharing all inclusive. This includes return flights, transfers and 10 -12 free excursions with English speaking guides. The itinerary includes visits to a number of Egypt's archaeological wonders.

Saga Nile Cruises

Saga provides a range of holidays such as all inclusive Nile river cruises. The package includes travel insurance, return flights and transfers, full board and excursions. The excursions involve a walk through the Valley of the Kings and a trip to Elephantine Island. Other highlights include the Temples of Luxor and Karnak, a walk through the Valley of the Kings and the Temple of Khnum.

Thomson Cruises

Thomson Cruises offer the best cruise holidays from around the world. They provide an 8 night all inclusive cruise that departs from the UK and sails to the Red Sea and the Nile. Prices range from £539 per person for a basic room to £683 per person for a room with a balcony.

Virgin Holiday Cruises

Virgin provides a range of excellent sea and river cruises from around the world. They offer a river cruise up the Nile from lower to upper Egypt. Excursions include a visit to the Valley of the Kings to see the many royal tombs there.

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