Finding Nile cruise boats reviews

There are a handful of websites that offer reviews of Nile cruises, and some have user reviews while others have professional reviews.

Reviewcentre.com is one such website, providing customer reviews of a variety of Nile cruise ships. It begins with an overview of each boat, with ratings out of five for food, entertainment and value for money, as well as an overall rating. You can then read detailed reviews from people who have taken a cruise on the ship, and these reviews highlight the dates of the cruise, how many nights the customer was on board and the type of cabin they stayed in, to give you additional details.

Another good site for finding Nile cruise boats reviews from customers is tripadvisor.com. The site is most well-known for its reviews of hotels, but it also covers cruise ships, giving them an overall rating out of five, supplying pictures and contact details and allowing users to leave their own reviews and ratings. It is perhaps not quite as useful as reviewcentre.com, as it can be hard to filter cruises from other types of accommodation and tours, but it is none-the-less a valuable source of information.

If you'd prefer to read professional reviews then take a look at nile-cruises-4u.co.uk, which features in depth reviews and information on four cruise ships that they recommend, including a typical seven day itinerary for each one, to give you insight into how your trip will likely pan out. They don't have reviews of as many cruise ships as tripadvisor.com or reviewcentre.com, but the ones that they do feature are highly detailed and informative.

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