Nice and Cheap

With most places accessible by foot, touring Nice is easy and inexpensive. This city in southern France features old neighbourhoods, and offers great bargains to those traveling on a budget.

A walk through the city begins in Vieille Ville (Old Town) which branches out into greater Nice with various and free attractions. Vieille Ville is characterized by its narrow streets, laundry hangings, ochre houses, and alleyways. Enjoy the local specialties, pissaladiere and socca, in outdoor-seated restaurants. Check out Lou Pilha Leva in Place Centrale where a cheap meal doesn’t exceed GBP 4.50.

To the south of the Old Town, the view from Castle Hill never fails to captivate visitors. Not too far from here, The Cours Saleya has most people haggling over antiques on Monday mornings. Tuesday through Sunday, however, the flower and food markets take place, where many can enjoy a fresh meal. Palace Masséna, to the northwest, is a modern spot that holds art galleries, restaurants and cafes. Most public events take place here, especially during the summer festivals.

In between the Cours Saleya and Place Masséna, the Place du Palais features a second-hand book fair on the first and third Saturday of every month. The law courts and the famous city clock can also be found here. Like most of Europe, museums are free on the first Sunday of every month. In Nice, the Musee Marc Chagall is the local museum that art buffs appreciate. A great way to spend the afternoon is along the boardwalk of Promenade des Anglais, watching the waves roll by.

The Place Rossetti is a completely enclosed pedestrian area. The square is located at the heart of Old Town, Nice. By day, enjoy an ice-cream cone, made by the local ice-cream vendors. When night falls, sway to the music that echoes through the square and fall in love with the magical atmosphere it brings.

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