Niagara Falls from the Canadian side

Niagara Falls straddle the USA and Canadian border. The Canadian side of the Falls is marginally less tacky than the brash American resort, although there's not much in it. Take the time to explore the town and enjoy the attractions, although the Falls themselves will always be the highlight of any visit.

Thrills at the Falls

It's a two hour train ride from Toronto to Niagara Falls. From the railway station, the walk through leafy residential streets gives way to the first view of the Falls. These are the relatively tame American Falls. Turn a corner and the full onslaught of the rushing Canadian Falls is a stunning sight.

At night, a light show adds drama to the Falls, with green, red and purple lasers playing over the torrent of water. The best way to experience their power though is from close quarters, with the spray drenching you.

There are several Maid of the Mist pleasure boats taking visitors close to the deafening torrent of toppling water. Your ticket comes with a cagoule included, which soon proves very necessary as the boat heads into the heart of the spray.

Having experienced the majesty of nature, you are allowed a little amusement among the man-made attractions. The strip of amusements on Clifton Hill is unashamedly vulgar, offering waxworks, a chamber of horrors and enough fast-food outlets to satisfy even the hungriest North American.

Those of more genteel cultural tastes head towards the village of Niagara-On-The-Lake. It seems geared up towards entertaining coach parties of pensioners, with plenty of antique shops, cafés and a theatre.

Budget stays

Niagara Falls is Canada's most popular tourist destination, so accommodation is in high demand. There are plenty of chain hotels by the Falls, but if you want something with a little more character, consider one of the town's excellent bed-and-breakfast options. Niagara is compact so you are never too far away from the Falls.

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