Things to do on Newyork holidays

New York, New York! Rated by many people as the best city on earth. No matter when you take the trip to the Big Apple, you're guaranteed to have a ball. If you're booked in to go this year, then we've rounded up some of the essential sites you need to see when you get there on your newyork holidays!

Our first trip for a visit to the Big Apple is to avail of the fantastic public transport. The subway will get you everywhere you need to go. Taxis can be quite expensive, with a cab from JFK Airport to downtown Manhattan costing in the region of fifty dollars.

Once you're in and settled, your first port of call should be a visit to the Empire State Building. One of New York's most famous icons. The building affords a majestic view of the Manhattan skyline, and is located mid-town. It does cost to go to the top, and queues can be quite long. So make sure and get a ticket in advance!

Our next tip is to visit a sporting event in New York. The city is home to some of American sports most revered franchises, including the Yankees and Mets in Baseball, Jets and Giants in American Football, Islanders and Rangers in Ice Hockey, and Knicks and Nets in Basketball.

No matter what time of year you go, one of the sports will be in season, so pick up a ticket!

Our final tip is to head to the Statue of Liberty. Smaller in person than you'd think, the Statue is still well worth visiting, if only to get up close to an object you've no doubt seen hundreds of times on television and in movies!

Tourists are no longer allowed venture to her head unfortunately!

 (photo © Flickr)

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