Sample the riches of the Caribbean with Newmont Travel Barbados

Newmont Travel Barbados

Have you ever wondered why Barbados is one of the most sought after destinations in the Caribbean? It was voted as the leading destination in 2005 by travel agencies across the world and continues to be the crème-de-la-crème of the Caribbean. It is a renowned destination for its entertainment, fun, sports and health related tourism. Why not visit the best-kept secret of the Caribbean in style with Newmont travel Barbados.

On the island, you will experience the charm of enjoying the calm waters of the Caribbean Sea to the west and the wild waters of the Atlantic to the East, giving you a taste of both extremes. Transport will not be an issue considering the assortment of options ranging from taxis, car rentals and even the organized public transportation system. The humility of the locals will make you feel more than welcomed.

Barbados is a destination that gives you a mix of ancient and modern, coexisting in a harmony. Here you will find glass and marble buildings intertwined with traditional houses in their vicinity. Often referred to as Little England, you will find parallels with the UK such as the names of parishes such as Lancaster, Dover, Hastings and Clapham to mention but a few.

The island has an abundance of excellent hotels such as Hilton Barbados, Almond Beach Village All Inclusive, and Colony Club among others. Hilton Barbados charges £127, while Almond charges £190, with Colony charging £217. However, the prices will range with the location and services offered in these hotels. Visit the www.expedia.co.uk website for comprehensive guide on prices.

While in the Barbados, you will have the opportunity to sample the picturesque cliff views, surf the wild waters of the Atlantic and even enjoy tee off in the excellent golf facilities. The sandy beaches will give you the chance to bask in the sun and you may want to discover the limestone and scuba dive in scintillating coral reefs. The nightlife in this Caribbean island is one to crave for and why not enjoy the Caribbean rum while at it.

Newmont travel Barbados - www.newmont.co.uk should be your one stop website for unbeatable travel deals to the tropical paradise. They charge £601.00 from Manchester or London for a return ticket spanning two weeks. The flight will take approximately seven and a half hours from London. The airport has duty free shops for international flights selling perfumes, jewellery, cameras, and shoes among other items.

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