A Guide to Newmans Holidays in New Zealand

Newmans Holidays New Zealand is a bus tour holiday that operates in New Zealand. This tour company is a good choice for those who want to tour the country by bus during the day and stay in a hotel or motel overnight. The company offers its customers the option to pay extra and stay in 4 star hotels. Those who are on a budget can opt to stay in motel accommodation.

The Newmans Holidays New Zealand company offers holidays that are "all-inclusive". This means that hotel accommodation, the tour, activities and meals are included in the total price of the holiday package. Travelers should keep in mind that these tours are on the expensive side. As of the 2nd of August 2011, Newmansholidays.com was advertising New Zealand tours for approximately $6200 NZD per person.

In general it is recommended that travelers read reviews written by previous customers before they book a tour with such a hefty price tag. However in this case holidaymakers will find that there are very few reviews of this company online. This can be construed as both good and bad. On the negative side holidaymakers do not know if previous travelers enjoyed their holiday experience however on the positive side, nobody had such a terrible time on their tour that they wrote a bad review. The best way to find out about consumer experiences with Newman tours is to contact a travel agency and ask the staff what their customers thought of the tour. A good website for this purpose is flightcentre.co.uk.

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