Newcastle airport hotels and parking deals here!

We have found Newcastle airport hotels and parking deals for you to take advantage of. This basically means that instead of you having to pay extra for your parking at the airport, certain hotels will include it as part of the deal.

This type of option has become very popular with overnighters and business people that are constantly on the move. They really only want a nice hotel that won't cost them a fortune to stay at and a parking space so they can be on the move first thing. Thanks to the demand, this service has become a reality.

The Holiday Inn are currently offering this along with some extras if you book online. You will get 25% off food and drink just for doing the booking with the Fly Park (http://www.flypark.co.uk) website. All you have to do is type in a few dates and Fly Park will find you the best suited options at the Holiday Inn.

We found a great deal for 2 nights at the Holiday Inn. You will get a double room with all the mod cons you would expect from a high class hotel. Each room also comes with an ensuite and tea and coffee making facilities. This room will sleep two adults and is all for just £105 total.

Of course this includes a slot in your preferred parking area of the Newcastle airport. Whether it's a long stay, short term or shuttle bus parking lot, it is all included in the price so be sure to check out Fly Park and the Holiday Inn.

There you have it, Newcastle airport hotels and parking deals sorted!

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