A Guide to New Zealand Train Holidays

The first thing that travelers should know is that taking New Zealand train holidays is not always the best way to travel in New Zealand. As there are a few different budget airlines operating in New Zealand it is often cheaper and shorter to fly from city to city than catch a train. Those who would prefer to fly can get cheap tickets from airnewzealand.co.nz.

Holidaymakers should be aware that while there are train rails in New Zealand, the majority of the New Zealand population do not take a train to get from one destination to another. Those who do not drive often take a bus as it is cheap and train tracks are few and far between. A one-way train from Auckland to Wellington will cost approximately $130 NZ dollars as at the 26th of July, 2011. However a one way bus ticket to and from the same locations will not cost more than $40 NZ dollars. Travelers will see as much scenery on a bus than they will on a train. Holidaymakers who want to book bus tickets can do so at nakedbus.co.nz.

While trains may not be the cheapest or efficient way to get around in New Zealand, many people find that there is a certain charm to taking a train to the countryside. People who would still like to take New Zealand train holidays can book a scenic tour on the website tranzscenic.co.nz. Some trains offer a unique experience as they go through steep roads and mountains.

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