A Guide to New Zealand 2011 School Holidays

Travelers who want to know a little more about New Zealand 2011 school holidays before they plan their trip should know that there are three levels of non-tertiary education in New Zealand. These are called primary school, intermediate and high school. High schools generally have a longer period where they do not have to attend classes as they are granted study leave for their exams. Listed below are the dates of New Zealand 2011 school holidays. Those who want more detailed information can find it at the website mineedu.govt.nz.

Primary, Intermediate and High School Holidays in New Zealand

- Friday 15th of April to Monday May 2d. - Friday the 15th of July to Monday the 1st of August. - Friday the 7th of October to Tuesday the 2th of October. - School will then go on break for approximately three months from December as this is the summer holiday period.

Holidaymakers should note that the 2011 October holiday schedule varies from regular school holiday time tables as the Rugby World Cup is in New Zealand during this time period. People who visit New Zealand during this time will find that hotels are overbooked and tourist activities will be more expensive than usual. Children have been given time off school during these periods so that they can attend games and avoid the crowds if they wish to do so. People who are interested in the Rugby World Cup and how it will affect their holiday to New Zealand should go to the website rugbyworldcup.com

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