New York Hotels Going Green

This organisation has recently put in place the initiative designed to certify hotels as 'green' for using environmentally friendly principles. Over forty hotels within New York State have committed to the standards required for certification through the program. Certification is achieved when hotels implement energy and water saving practices as well as pollution and waste prevention tactics.

The benefits of going green for New York hotels are two-fold. The hotels with green certification have a distinct marketing advantage. Green tourism is gaining in popularity around the world. New York hotels will also likely experience reduced energy use and waste disposal which will improve their profits and respect the environment.

New York hotels may implement low-flow shower heads and toilets, purchase 'Energy Star' appliances, and encourage guests to participate in linen reuse programs in their efforts to reduce resource consumption. The New York hotels participating in this going green program are assigned one to five green leaves by the Audubon GreenLeaf program dependant on how well they adhere to practices designed to sustain the environment. The Audubon GreenLeaf program is additionally charged with certifying the green credentials of participating New York hotels. New York State also boasts a green restaurant program.

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