Head to New York and make the most of some amazing hotel deals in June 2011

It may be the city that never sleeps, but throughout June you can find some great deals on a place to rest your head in New York.

Travelocity are currently offering 30 percent off all dates in June at the three-star Wellington Hotel, which is in walking distance of Times Square and just a block away from Broadway.

It's also just minutes from Central Park and the Rockefeller Centre, making it the perfect location to base your trip from and start ticking of the sites.

With the discount, a nights stay at the Wellington is £139 per night based on two people sharing.

The modern three star Washington Jefferson Hotel, again located between Times Square and the park, is also offering a special throughout June.

A 2 night stay there will save you five percent on your booking, three or four nights saves you 10 percent and a five night stay, or longer, saves you 20 percent.

Another great place to look for New York hotel deals in June 2011 is Hotwire.com, which offers greatly reduced prices at some of the world's biggest hotels, at times when they can not reach capacity.

The catch is that you won't learn the exact hotel you are staying at until you have already confirmed the booking, but you are given an accurate location in proximity to major attractions and a guarantee on the hotel's star rating.

It's also worth remembering that with the city's cheap and easy to use subway system, finding accommodation in Midtown New York isn't a necessity for having a good time.

Staying at a hotel in one of the surrounding districts could save you up to 50 percent, with very minimal traveling fuss.

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