New York: cleaner parks and beaches.

Visitors who still need that nicotine rush and are planning to cross the pond beware. Taking time out to puff on a Pall Mall under the autumn sun in New York’s Central Park could land you with a $250 fine. New York aims to join Utah, Louisiana, Maine and California in banning smoking in parks and outdoor areas, informs The Daily Mail.

Ex-smoker New York Mayor Bloomberg has embraced the war against smoking with a passion that includes scowling at smokers he passes on the street, convinced that social pressure works. He is now moving to make Central Park, the famous Coney Island boardwalk and car free areas of Times Square ash free.

Extending the city's smoking ban to some of New York's most popular outdoor spaces is designed not only to save citizens and tourists from unhealthy exposure to secondhand smoke, but also to try to protect children from getting addicted to tobacco: 'They shouldn't even have to look at adults smoking', said health commissioner Thomas Farley.

It’s an ambitious project. New York has hundreds of parks and 14 miles of beaches, but city officials expect New Yorkers and tourists to follow the new regulations as it makes the parks and beaches not only healthier but cleaner. Councilwoman Gale Brewer is determined to‘get butts off the beaches’ saying '...the sand is too often used as an ashtray’.

So for those in favour of a healthy, smoke-free urban lifestyle, the vibrant Big Apple is the place for you.

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