New York Car Rental

Whether you're arriving in the city for the world famous Christmas celebrations like the Christmas Tree in Rockefeller Centre, the beloved Rockette's Stage Show, or just visiting for the heck of it, its easy to get around.

After landing in one of the many local airports, tourists should be able to find any of the on-site car rental agencies nearby. Simply follow signs to the appropriate area. It may be wise to schedule the rental in advance so there's no disappointment when the favored car is out of stock. As a rule, airport rentals are more expensive than in other locations.

Cheaper rentals can be found by choosing an agency in the city. However, for those who are not familiar with the geography of New York City, it will be considerably easier and less frustrating to simply deal with the slightly more expensive rental when you depart from your flight. Subways are sometimes difficult to navigate for tourists and it only gets worse when there is bulky luggage involved.

New York City is one of the most logically planned cities in the United States. Most drivers will not have difficulty getting around. Be advised, however, traffic is very dense in the tourist areas of Manhattan and parking is very expensive. Plan where you intend to take the rental car and where you'll be leaving it when out and about in the city.

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