Dreaming of New York Breaks from Dublin?

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New York, the Big Apple, Manhattan, the artist's city and the shopper's paradise - what is there not to love about New York? Shop all day, party all night, catch some Broadway hits, chill out in Central Park or have breakfast at Tiffany's - all of this and more is possible with great deals on New York breaks from Dublin.

The best flight deals can be gotten by planning in advance, using search flight engines and keeping your dates flexible. It's more than possible to get a return flight, including taxes from just over €450. Flying with Aer Lingus to New Yorks' JFK airport you will pay €490 for return flights including taxes - these flight times are for the autumn and early winter months. You can do your Christmas shopping on Fifth Avenue and stop for a Starbucks in Trump Tower after.

Delta Airlines, American Airlines and Continental do great deals as well so you can go through your flight search engine and then book directly with the airline company afterwards. It's also worthwhile to opt for a stop with your flight as this will be bring down the price of the flight even more. Another way to get cheaper flights is to fly out and return on weekday - so a Thursday to a Tuesday. For great prices on accommodation you can stay at Hotel Pennsylvania write in the heart of New York city - the rooms are huge and can sleep up to four people. Prices start at €80 a night - so divide that four friends and you have three star accommodation for €20 a night. Stay four nights and take a November flight and your bill will only come to €570 for everything.

Package deals with Tour America for November works out at €729 per person for return flights including taxes and four nights accommodation at the popular three star Wellington Hotel found in the theatre disrtict of Manhattan.

Search around, compare prices and see how easy it is to find New York breaks from Dublin. Happy shopping!

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