New Year’s lovin a la Venice

As the midnight bells strike this New Year’s Eve in Venice, San Marco Square will be awash with smoochers. The second 'Capodanno Love' event is aiming to fondle its way into Venetian tradition, having hit the headlines for its climactic mass kiss last year, when over 60,000 lovers locked lips as the clock struck 12.

Right, once you’ve got that out of the way, then disappear down an alley for a bit of what you fancy or just sneak away from the masses and north towards somewhere like the Naranzaria wine bar for a bottle of Prosecco on the loggia overlooking the Grand Canal, naranzaria.it .

Next morning you could be ridiculous and jump on a a vaporetto for an hour's cruise across to the peaceful island of Murano, or like any sensibly naughty couple on holiday, stay in bed then maybe order breakfast.

Venice is pretty popular for the New Year and hotel rooms get booked out quick - check out the gorgeous 30s-style Hotel Belle Epoque which still has rooms available.

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