New Years for the Ravers

Leggy blondes with diamond studded mobile phones who won’t give you a desultory glance, large dodgy tattooed blokes that look like they should be on a leash – and some of them are...

It’s got to be Moscow on New Year’s Eve, where it’s all about the Mafia and the Vodka.

Although, Moscow is known to do a good Berlin impression at the Arma 17 club complex in an old gasworks behind Kursky rail station, and has coaxed techno heroes Ricardo Villalobos and Rudolf to play in 2010. Check out the residents advisor website for more details.

If that’s too much for you, then get to The Space of Sound Festival which kicks off at 10am on New Years Day in Madrid – just as the party is starting, it takes over the 12,000-capacity Telefonica Arena, with 42 DJs in six rooms, including Sasha and Groove Armada. Tickets cost from €80 and are available on www.spaceofsoundfestival.com. Flights can be taken from just about anywhere out of the UK.

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