Our guide to spending New Years Eve in Manchester

New Years Eve in Manchester

Looking for somewhere different to spend your New Years this year? While cities like London and Edinburgh get all the attention in the UK, did you know that Manchester is also a brilliant place for this once a year spectacle? In this blog, we are going to show you how to spend New Years Eve in Manchester for a decent price.

Famous mostly for rain and the two famous football teams in red and blue, Manchester is also one of the UK's finest party cities, and nowhere does this manifest itself more noticeably than on New Years. To give yourself an idea of what kind of prices hotels in the area will be charging for New Years, simply point your browser towards Super Break and their dedicated New Years Eve in Manchester section at http://www.superbreak.com/north_west_england-new-year-breaks-CN. Most hotels advertised on Super Break are in and around the £80 mark, which is a brilliantly competitive price for one of the busiest nights of the year in the hotel industry.

Another great site for you to check is the Visit Manchester site at www.visitmanchester.com/. This is the official information site of the local tourism board, and it will give you all the information about where the New Year events will be held in and around Manchester, enabling you to plan ahead for your big trip before you leave.

Similarly, to actually book tickets for the many New Years events, then visit http://www.prideofmanchester.com/music/tickets-12-31.htm as this site lists all of the events, and allows you to buy tickets for them!

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