Thinking of doing New Years Eve in London this year?

New Years Eve in London

Are you looking for a bit of a change of venue for your New Years celebration this year? New Years has something of an over inflated value in our opinion as it inevitably ends up being a disappointing night. However, you can change all of this by taking in New Years Eve in London this year. In this blog, we are going to show you how much fun you could have by hitting the capital for one of the biggest party nights of the year.

New Years Eve is a night that you should really experiment on. After all, there is always next year to make up for it if you have a bad time. Here is a suggestion for you, why not take in the New Year on a party boat sailing down the Thames River? The London Party Boats site is taking bookings right now at http://www.londonpartyboats.co.uk/londonEvents/new-years-eve.asp. The tickets are currently going for £90, but you get free entry into Opal Nightclub after the countdown and free champagne, so it isn't all bad news!

A fantastic site that will help give you a flavour of the complete package of events that is on around London on the night is the Christmas and New Years party site and their dedicated London section at http://www.christmas-and-new-year-parties.co.uk/new-years-eve-parties-london. This site rounds up all of the venues in London hosting parties, so you can start planning now which one of them you are going to hit.

A final suggestion from us is to take in a bit of comedy on New Years Eve in London, so point your browser towards the Comedy Carnival website at http://www.comedycarnival.co.uk/Clapham/new-years-eve.html to see what they have on offer for New Years.

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