New Years Eve breaks in Scotland - some helpful advice

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Scotland's Hogmanay celebration is one of the best ways to start off the year. Read on for some advice on New Years Eve breaks in Scotland.

New Year's Eve in Scotland

New Year's Eve in Scotland is a night of partying and celebration that is famous throughout the world. The celebration is known as Hogmanay and this is the Scots word for the last day of the year. There is a custom of singing Auld Lang Syne in a circle of linked arms that are crossed over one another as the clock strikes midnight. The largest cities of Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen and Stirling hold all night celebrations and have impressive firework displays.


As you would expect accommodation in Scotland around this time can be quite expensive. However if you book well in advance you are more likely to get a good deal. Many hotels offer festive packages. These Hogmanay and New Year's packages normally range from around £219 per person for 2 nights to £299 per person for 3 nights.

Getting there

Scotland is easily accessible from all cities in the UK but again it is recommended that you book your transport well in advance. There are extra flights and train and bus services at this time of year but they can sometimes sell out. Easyjet have regular flights from all London airports and most other major airports across the UK to Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen and Inverness. The major Scottish cities are also well served by trains and buses from other parts of England and the UK.

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