What to Expect on Hogmanay or New Year Holidays in Scotland

New Year holidays in Scotland are even better than Christmas holidays because it is on the New Year that the Scots go out in full force to celebrate. So if you want a chance to see Scotland’s streets come alive with live band music, people singing Auld Lang Syne, and lots and lots of fireworks all around, then make sure to book your trip in advance.

Self-Catering versus Full-Catering Holidays

Self-catering holidays are more affordable than staying in full-service hotels and resorts. They also allow you to kick back and relax in complete privacy. You can even enjoy traditional home-cooked meals if you want to. For Hogmanay, the term Scots use for the New Year, make sure you prepare a couple of bottles of whisky and shortbread.

When midnight chimes in, you are sure to see lots of people rushing from one home to another, visiting family, friends and loved ones to greet the New Year. This tradition is called First Footing, and your neighbours may come visit your holiday cottage as well. When they do, they will usually present you with a gift of black bun (a regional pastry) and short cock, while you, in turn, serve them with a glass of whisky.

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