New Year breaks in Ireland

It is always a pleasant thing to welcome the New Year in a stunning location, so if you have never considered Ireland for this, you should have a look at some of the New Year breaks available in this region. From scenic landscapes to ancient castles and picturesque cities, there is something in Ireland for anyone.

If you are looking for truly special New Year breaks in Ireland, you should have a look at some of the self-catered castles that are waiting to be rented for such an occasion. What could be more fascinating that welcoming the New Year in an ancient castles together with your family or friends? For a great selection of Irish castles that can be rented for a New Year break, check out celticcastles.com, where you can also find castles in other regions of the UK. New Year breaks in historic castles can be fantastic experiences, so you should consider them for a truly special escape.

Caledonian Travel (caledoniantravel.com) offers coach holidays that include spending New Year’s Eve in Ireland. For instance, you can spend Hogmanay in the ancient Irish capital of Dublin and enjoy a guided tour of the city at the same time. If you love nature, you can opt for one of the coach tours that include scenic drive through the Connemara National Park or an excursion to the Antrim Coast. Booking with at least a few weeks in advance will bring you some discounts and if you are after some New Year deals, be sure to check the web specials section of the website.

Luxury New Year breaks in Ireland are another way to celebrate in style and if you are looking for the perfect quaint cottage for your party, check out hogansirishcottages.com, where you can find a large selection of countryside and coastal cottages. You can also book your flights or ferry transport from the same website for convenience.

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