New friend finder app revolutionises travel

Whilst the IPad and other Mac merchandise dominate the markets at the moment, one app for the IPhone has been produced that could change the way we plan our holiday itineraries forever.

'Foursquare' allows its users to target specific locations, such as restaurants, bars, tourist sites or shops around the world and to post up mini 200 word reviews about that location. Within moments of letting the app pick up your location, you might find out that the best coffee the city has to offer could be just around the corner. Can't decide where to eat once your plane has landed? Log-on and let your fingers do the reviewing.

Visiting new places more than once or stumbling across a lesser known spot off the beat track can earn the regular iPhone blogger points which lead to badges. Collect enough badges and you can earn the kudos of being the 'foursquare' mayor of a particular area...and possibly the never-ending respect of your fellow wanderlust victims?

This may be where the app falls short. Reviews and recommendations can be helpful but usually they are taken on board when someone we know knows 'this great little place around the corner from such and such...' But as they say, everyone's a critic.

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