New Delhi's £2bn airport

Taking up over 120 acres of space and composed of four miles of conveyor belts, 20,000 square windows and thousands of metres of shopping areas, India's new airport at New Delhi is a designer statement capable of handling 34 million passengers a year, passing to and from the country, the Daily Mail reveals.

Built with Delhi's role as host of the forthcoming Commonwealth Games in October in mind, the airport will feature natural light, reflected into its complex, as well as a shopping bazaar area designed to give passengers and commuters alike the experience of buying food and items at a typical Indian market place.

Speaking at the unveiling, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh stated that the 'airport will signal a new India, committed to joining the ranks of modern industrialised nations.' Built in 37 months, the airport could see a rise of '10 per cent per year to 180 million by 2020' for domestic air travel within the country.

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