Naturist beaches in the UK

For all those that enjoy the soaking up the sun on the beach and find bathing suits too restrictive, you might be on the lookout for naturist/nudist beaches. Luckily, there are many legal places to head to in the UK. To avoid any unnecessary or unwanted harassment or attention, here is a list of top naturist beaches in the UK where you can fully relax in peace.

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Holkham Bay in Norfolk in East England is situated in the Holkham Hall Estate. Surrounded by pine forests, sand dunes and a nature reserve you will find yourself engulfed by beauty. There is a nudist section that is clearly marked along the large and sandy beach. You will need to carry in supplies for the day, as there are not any facilities or shops close by. Police and wardens regularly patrol the beach to protect the naturists from any potential issues that may arise. Previously in 2013, there was a ban on naturist using a section of the beach but it has since been removed. Check out BN Holkham Campaign for more information.

Studland Beach in Dorset is one of the most popular beaches in the UK. The beach property is owned by the National Trust and is their only nudist beach in the UK. Filled with people during the summer months, this beach caters to families by providing cafes and facilities that are easily accessible. Knoll Beach is the name of the area for naturists to head to and is clearly marked with green-topped posts and National Trust signs. Also, check the tide beforehand or else you may arrive and there won't be a beach for you to relax on.

Roanhead/Scandscale Haws is on Walney Island in South West Cumbria and here you can find your peace and quiet. The soft sand and a few scattered people make this an ideal place to let go of your stress and enjoy the day. If the sun gets too hot, you can take shelter in the large dunes nearby. You can easily access the beach by parking in the Nature Reserve Car Park and walking in from there.

Morfa Dyffryn, also known as Dyffryn Ardudwy, is in North Wales in between Barmouth and Harlech. The sandy beach stretches for a mile leaving you plenty of space for yourself. The 1930's marked the first time naturists started using this area and in 2000 the local authority marked out a section specifically for naturists. There is a free car park near the naturist section so it makes for easy access.

Ardeer in North Ayrshire Scotland is the only 'official' naturist beach in the South West of the country. When heading to the beach, go beyond the first rock groyne and past burns memorial mural. It can get windy, but you can take shelter in the nearby grass. This is a 15-20 minute walk to the naturist area from the car park.

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