Nature at Its Finest: Korcula Island in Croatia

Rich in natural beauty and historical treasures, Korcula Island is one destination you shouldn’t miss on your Croatia holiday. Located just several kilometres off the tip of Peljesac Peninsula, it boasts stunning bays and coves, lush forests, majestic mountains, and charming towns and villages.

Often compared to Corfu, a Greek island, Korcula was actually first inhabited by Greeks, who gave the island the name Korkyra Melaina or Black Corfu due to its “dark and densely wooded appearance.”

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Discover the beauty of the island by exploring the stunning beaches. Vela Przina in the village of Lumbarda is among the most popular, with its “silky” sand, clear blue waters, open-air restaurant, volleyball court, and huge parking space. Bring the kids along with you to Beach Banje in old Korcula town and make a splash doing water sports. Fishing, diving, water polo, and kayaking are just some of the great reasons to get wet. You’d rather stay dry? Not to worry, with this beach’s heavenly view of the Adriatic Sea, you can just bask lazily under the sun while sipping down an ice-cold drink.

After relaxing on the beach, why not take a walk through the history and culture of the island? Visit the house where they say Marco Polo was born. It features a tower where you can enjoy a panoramic vista of Korcula in all its glory. If it’s more panoramas you fancy, head to the Korcula Old Town where you can delight in views of the Sveti Nikola church and monastery, the Peljesac Channel, the Sveti Ilija Mountain, the Skoji Archipelago, and other Korculan landmarks.

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