Nature Adventures on Reykjavik Holidays

Reykjavik holidays offer exhilarating adventure and remarkable sites. Snow-capped mountains, glacier lakes, and “golden waterfalls” are just some of the treasures to discover in Iceland’s capital.

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The largest and most popular glacier lake in Iceland, Jökulsárlón, has glaciers drifting toward the sea on an icy river. Pools of crystal clear waters reflecting the sky combine with the immaculate white icebergs, set against impressive snow-tipped peaks. This astounding scene has been featured in numerous TV shows and films, including The Amazing Race, Die Another Day, and Tomb Raider.

The “golden fallsGullfoss cascades over a gorge with a 32-metre drop. The surrounding area is a popular hiking trail, often drenched by the cool, refreshing spray of the two-tiered falls. The nearby Geysir features a fascinating geyser, which propels steam and water into the air at regular intervals. It stopped erupting in 1294, but on special occasions locals trigger the eruptions using soap. Nearby Strokkur produces 30-metre jet streams into the air every five minutes.

Bird enthusiasts will delight in the famous bird park Latrabjarg in the western-most part of Europe. The 444-metre high cliff is home to a host of sea birds; puffins are especially famous and abundant during the summer season. Populating the cliff several months a year are seabird colonies, which include the largest Razorbill colony and Brünnich Guillemot. Latrabjarg is also famous as the site where the British fisherman Dhoon was rescued after being stranded in frost beneath the cliff in December 1947.

The Snaefell glacier is not to be missed on Reykjavik holidays. This cone-shaped stratovolcano with a glacier-tipped summit owes its fame to French author Jules Verne’s novel, Journey to the Center of the Earth, which tells of three males who ventured into the Earth’s core through the volcano. Birds frequent the coast which serves as an extension of the park, while verdant plants thrive amidst lava formations in the coastal plains.

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