National Christmas holidays in New Zealand

If you have some time off around Christmas time, what's not a better way to celebrate your national holidays in New Zealand. Christmas in New Zealand is less about snow and sleigh bells but more about sun, sea and barbecues, picnics and outdoor activities. Christmas comes in the middle of the summer in New Zealand so many people have a barbecue for Christmas lunch. The foot cooked is often ham slices or even venison or some kind of exotic meat. Shrimp and other fish is even barbecued. Presents are usually opened once the whole family gets together before lunch. Every family has their own way of celebrating Christmas in New Zealand. Some will start by visiting the church in the morning and celebrating the true reason why we have Christmas. Others will just enjoy the holiday. Many houses decorate their houses in bright lights and Christmas trees. New Zealand's iconic Christmas tree is the beautiful pohutukawa which grows mainly in the coastal areas. It is covered in beautiful red flowers. Santa and Christmas parties take place all over New Zealand in November and December. All the main cities entertain people with carols in the parks. Many towns and cities like Auckland will have a huge Santa parade. It is the biggest Christmas event in the city that has beautifully decorated floats, marching bands, clowns and much more to entertain children and all the family. Auckland Domain Park holds a Coca-Cola Christmas every year which is a fun-filled packed evening of music, entertaining, dancing and at the end of the night there is a fantastic firework display and laser show. All these events are free to see.

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