Fantastic National Express holidays 2011

There are fantastic National Express holidays in 2011. National Express is the largest scheduled coach service provider in Europe. In the UK, National Express coaches travel to a thousand destinations and carry over 18 million customers a year. The European destinations it covers is operated by Eurolines coaches, which cover an additional 500 destinations within Europe and Ireland. National Express coach services also serve the major UK airports.

You can view the great destinations National Express travels to by visiting nationalexpress.com. There are a number of special offers on the website which include 2 for 1 vouchers, over 60s discount travel, young persons coachcard and the lowest fare finder. The lowest fare finder will find you the lowest quote relating to your departure point and destination.

National Express travels throughout England, Scotland, Wales as well as a number of countries in Europe. The European aspect of its operations is run by Euroline coaches, which is part of National express. If you click on Europe and Ireland under destinations, you will be brought to euroline.co.uk which services countries including Ireland, Czech Republic, Belgium, Germany, France and Holland.

A trip to Dublin, Ireland will cost as little as £42. You can travel to Prague for £64 return. Paris can be as little as £34 return. Why not visit the Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, Notre Dame and The Louvre for these great prices. These prices are all quoted using London as the departure point. If you are travelling from outside London National Express have a special rate connection fare on National Express services for just £15 return from any National Express departure point. Channel crossings are either by ferry or Eurotunnel to reach Europe.

With its cheap fares and huge variety of destinations it caters to, National Express is the coach service to choose when planning your holiday!

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