National Express funfare deals

Are you looking to travel around the UK but need to stay on a budget? All the transportation fees can quickly add up, but thankfully there are a few ways to save a few pounds. One of these is the National Express Funfare offer. It takes a bit of organisation and luck but fingers crossed you can get your hands on some discount tickets.

    Alan Sansbury - Wikimedia

The National Express often offer Funfare tickets that represent major bargain prices sometimes coming in as low as £2 each way throughout the UK. They have bus fares from Nottingham to London for £5.50 or buses heading from Glasgow to London can be nabbed for as little as £12.50 each way. Some other common routes include a £10 fun fare one-way ticket from Edinburgh to Leeds, £9 from Liverpool to Glasgow or a £5 ticket from Glasgow to Preston.

Because all of these tickets sell out so quickly, here are a few tips to help you get your hands on them before they disappear. In order to find these deals you need to search the National Express Cheap Fare Finder. Similar to booking flights, the best deals usually appear mid-week or any off peak-time. Because these are discounted tickets and sell out extremely quickly, they need to be booked in advance and purchased online. They are only available as e-Tickets with no post delivery or ticket collection option.

Funfare tickets are also non refundable, so if you need to cancel for whatever reason you will not get your money back. Also, for these tickets to really be beneficial, you need to be quiet flexible with their travel dates. The times for the tickets cannot be changed and the Funfares are only valid for Direct National Express coaches. If you need to connect in a different city, you will need to pay standard fares for the connecting coach services.

This is definitely one of the cheapest ways to get around but may not be feasible for many travellers. If it does suit your needs, keep your eyes peeled Funfare deals that are coming up. If you still think these deals sound too good to be true, you can take a quick look at the terms and conditions to put your mind at ease.

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