National Express Coach Holidays in 2011

National Express Coach is one of the biggest companies focused in travel and tourism in the UK. They have over one thousand destinations and carry nearly 18 million passengers each year. Their destinations include all countries in Europe, but paying special attention to England, Scotland and Wales. They also provide express “shuttle” services between major cities in Europe. They offer deals and special offers during the holidays. Here’s a list of some of the most attractive destinations from National Express Coach holidays in 2011.

Summer of Festivals

National Express coach holidays in 2011 include a package to take you to the major music festivals in Europe. If you're a fan of live music this is surely your coach. There are 10 festivals for you to choose from in eight different countries such as Romania, Ireland, Slovakia, Denmark, Belgium, Bulgaria, Poland, and The Netherlands. Each festival gathers a considerable number of artists that play different music genres. National Express also offers a direct connection with local services in each country, so you won't have any problems on your stay.

Investec Derby Day 2011

One of the major destinations that the National Express coaches offer for the holidays is the Investec Derby Day 2011. This is the most important derby race held in England. The date of this year's derby is June 4th. National express offers a 30% discount on the Investec Derby ticket just for traveling in one of their coaches. National Express assures on-time arrivals for every customer, or a full refund if anything goes wrong.


If you’re looking forward to spending the holidays with your family in a quiet relaxed place this is your option. Butlins is a company dedicated to giving customers a full holiday experience on any of their hotels located all over England. National Express offers you a coach to three of their destinations in Bognor Regis located in West Sussex, Minehead located in Somerset and Skegness in Lincolnshire. Each of their hotels has been thought and designed in order to provide families with a relaxed environment for the holidays.


Edinburgh is a port city located in Scotland. National Express offers coaches to visit this city during the holidays. You’ll get to see their impressive Victorian buildings, galleries and museums. The trip does not take much time and is a perfect destination for spending family holidays.

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