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If you are planning a little getaway you should strongly consider checking out National Coach holidays for late deals. With National Holidays you can take value holidays and short breaks on their fleet of luxury coaches. Most short breaks also include a detailed programme of exciting excursions and days out for you to enjoy. There is always a range of last minute deals available on nationalholidays.com. Some of their most recent last minute deals include:

  • 5 days in Dublin and the Wicklow mountains. Here you can discover the delights of Dublin, the charm of Wexford and the magnificence of the Wicklow Mountains all in one go! You get 4 nights dinner and breakfast each morning in your hotel. All hotel bedrooms are at least 4 star and all bedrooms are en-suite. This trip also includes entry into the Arthur Guinness factory were you can even pour your own pint of Guinness and sip on it in their sky bar while taking in the scenery of one of the friendliest cities on the planet! This can be yours for as little as £200 per person if you book just 2 days in advance.
  • 7 days in Bantry Bay, Cork and Kinsale is available last minute for just £220 per person. You will take in the charms and character of the Emerald Isle on this special trip. You will stay at several 4 star hotels and an evening dinner is available free of charge each night.

There are hundreds of last minute deals for coach travel to Ireland and around Europe. Please check out nationalholidays.com for more information on these packages.

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