What Are National Coach Holidays?

National coach holidays are basically travel packages that allow you to explore the entire UK and mainland Europe via coaches. It is one of the most budget-friendly ways to travel and one that allows you to enjoy an incredible number of sights from all over the continent at the same time.

Enjoy Discounts When You Book Online

NationalHolidays.com is just one of the many websites that offer you great discounts if you book for any of their packages online. With their national holidays via coach, you can typically choose from either a two-day weekend getaway or a 15-day European excursion and everything in between. Whichever type of trip you book, you are guaranteed to travel to your destination in a modern, beautifully furnished and air-conditioned coach at all times. More often than not, you will also get to enjoy half-board charges, an en-suite accommodation, and evening entertainment and excursions and tours as part of your trip.

Choose from Expertly Planned Tours and Packages

Most of the time, national coach holidays come with an expertly planned itinerary that ensures all tourists get the best of what’s on offer in their various destinations. At grandukholidays.com, for example, you can sign up for a Grand Tour of the West Country, which is an eight-day touring coach holiday. It will take you to places like Truro, Isles of Scilly, Torquay and Bath among others. Charges are at around £469 per person and include a full breakfast as well as a three-course dinner for each night of your stay, complimentary coffee or tea, and all admission fees.

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